Praha, dat is liefde en poëzie (2)

Praha, liefde en poëzie tegelijk.  Das uniek te vatten in 1 moment.  Overweldigend, gepakt, gestreeld, geprikkeld. Genieten. Geluk. Augustus 2014 (c) Sabrina Maes


I’ll hold you close, we’ll make love,
take the long way, twice around the park
to drift asleep in tangled arms and legs,
listening to our rhythms rise and fall
Sounded out in quiet breaths, gentle murmurs,
touching, always touching
When we wake, I’ll know the perfume
of your smells and tastes and you’ll know mine
Cautions gone, the gentleness behind our eyes
a gift we’ve given, each to each

So I’d like to know you naked
Then I’ll understand your clothes and Tulsa
We’ll have fallen through each other’s eyes
I’ll see your world as you’ll see mine,
conceiving how this girl became a woman,
this boy became a man
The road map of our undressed selves
spread across the sheets and studied
The lines from here to Tulsa and beyond,
a myriad of known routes to share

(c) Jim Freeman

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